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The Abduction And Interrogation Of Jim Moriarty


  ‘Ssh, Seb, follow me, it’s quiet down here,’ Jim giggled, grabbing Seb by the hand. The street was bustling with people, but the gloomy alleyway was perfect for a midday assignation. They had been out and about all morning, meeting with various clients, and now it was time for a little break. As they kissed, however, they failed to notice the car with blacked-out windows pull up on the street.

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Just today, I was sayin’ to myself, I says, “I’m surprised we ain’t got more o’ these fanfictions what are about Moriarty during his interrogation with Mycroft,” then I done gone out and found this little gem of a fic which fits the bill nicely. Excellent.

You know why the Sherlock fandom is still buzzing even though it only has six episodes and even though that last episode aired over a year ago?

Because I don’t think a fandom has been this devastated since firefly. Actually, not even firefly, firefly wasn’t this heart-wrenchingly upsetting.

Anyway, what I’m really trying to say here is, has anybody got some amazing post-reichenbach fics to fill the gaping hole that is my heart post s2ep3?

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