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Photoshoot time!

Hey guys, the weather appears to be calming down a bit now, at least enough to start cosplaying again :D

So, if you’ve got a cosplay/awesome outfit you’re finished or are close to finishing and you’d like some shots of it, Isi and I will be holding an open  photography session on Saturday the 30th. We will be meeting you guys at 12pm at the Flinders Street steps, and from there we’ll wander down to the Queen Victoria gardens (about a five minute walk from the station).

If there ends up being a lot of people who want photos you may be messaged with a later time slot to arrive at so you don’t have to be waiting around for too long.

If you could possibly comment here or shoot me a message with at least what cosplay you’d like to do, that would be helpful. If you’ve got something specific in mind you’d like to do or even just a vague idea, feel free to let us know as well so we can pick out a better spot for you :)

Hope to see y’all there!

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    Reblog because yes, this is in two day’s time. Hope to see you guys there! Just let us know you’ll be coming so we don’t...
  2. songofages said: I only really own one costume… Lol XD
  3. holosweet said: My fem Jack Harkness is pretty much done now. Except for hair and coat buttons/details.
  4. montyinspace said: if i have my weeping angel done by then i will totes turn up to be all freaky n shit
  5. withgodgivenass said: You tempt me so, Katrina…
  6. ladyveldy said: Cannot wait for the photos :DDD
  7. foxaloha said: Ping or Mulan?
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    wheee I love photoshoots. :D
  9. korsilver said: I WANNA GO THERE, but I’m IN KOREA…. ㅜㅜ… I hope your plan will come out all right. :D
  10. dreameranddancer said: I’ll be there for sure! If I have Aziraphale’s wings finished, I’ll cosplay him. Otherwise I’ll bring Sam or the Doctor~
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