Movie Stars Revisit Their Famous Role

This is amazing

Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three.

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Track Title: She's a Mystery to Me

Artist: Roy Orbison

Album: Mystery Girl

kaiju groupie crossing

↳ xenophilius lovegood

"The most eccentric-looking wizard… Slightly cross-eyed, with shoulder-length white hair the texture of candyfloss, he wore a white cap whose tassel dangled in front of his nose and robes of an eye-watering shade of egg-yolk yellow. An odd symbol, rather like a triangular eye, glistened from a golden chain around his neck."


Marauders Era Sirius Black.

I’m not sure really how I want the beard to look yet, but this looked pretty good.


Halloween, 1975

"They do say,” Professor McGonagall murmurs, “that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”


Remus by echoing-artemis@DA

The Marauders have been close to my heart for more of my life than they haven’t been, so I don’t think there’s ever been a cosplay more overdue. Also: I am literally the only person in these photos who has actually read the Shoebox Project, my friends really are just that fantastic.

Never has there been such an indication of true friendship than these guys going “you want to what? Sure, bring it on.”

All my love to these amazing friends of mine:
Sirius: breathless-ness@DA : breathless-ness@tumblr
James: strawdoll@DA : strawdolly@tumblr
Peter: imperfect-illusions@tumblr

(super special thanks to Flynn for throwing that sheet on at the last minute!)

You can find most of us over at the Robins of Wayne facebook.